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Looking to donate some of your time to a good cause? At the event as a spectator? Maybe you have a group that could use a good fundraising opportunity. Well look no further; every Unleash the She. event could not be done without the help from our amazing volunteers. Whether you can only help for a few hours or you are available all day, we can find a job for you!

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Contact Annie Oakes from MOCA today at aoakes@mnovarian.org for more information.  Her phone number is 612-822-0500


What our fabulous volunteers are saying:

"I really enjoyed being able to help." - Rachel

"…thank you for the opportunity! I would love to keep doing more events with you guys! I had a blast the other day!" - Courtney

"Keep us on the list for people to reach out to next year. My kids had a good time with it. Thanks!" - Todd